Financial Blitzkrieg

On Sunday night  (24th of March) as the Cyprus authorities were choosing their doom from the troika’s menu, some two thousand protesters were shouting anti-European slogans in front of the European house in downtown Nicosia. Not so long ago, this edifice epitomised every positive civic and social value in the region; now its gate looked […]

The Land of Impunity

Egypt two years after the revolution   “At that moment, I didn’t understand anything… I had no idea what was happening… All I knew was that there were hundreds of hands stripping me of my clothes and brutally violating my body. Who were those men? There was no way out. Everyone was saying that they […]

The Collapse of the State, The Rise of Neonazism

Boštjan Videmšek, Athens   On November 7th, Athens was burning again. In front of the parliament, where another monstruous bargain had been struck, the special police units were hitting children and old women. The most brutal austerity package yet had just been rammed through. In the streets, molotov cocktails were crashing down, slogans were chanted, […]

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China, Inc.

Boštjan Videmšek, Shanghai, Xian, Beijing     We were standing in the memorial room of the elite University for political studies. For the past few decades, this illustrious institution served as a breeding ground for top party bigwigs. A small frail student with jerky motions, a waxy complexion and a Hitleresque parting in his hair […]

Kostas Lapavicas, vodilni levičarski ekonomist

Kostas Lapavicas, profesor ekonomije na londonski Šoli za orientalske in afriške študije (SOAS), je v zadnjih letih postal vodilni glas moderne evropske levice, ki se bori proti diktatu mednarodnih finančnih institucij, Bruslja in Berlina. Ta »trojka« po njegovem mnenju poizkuša z vsiljenimi varčevalnimi ukrepi del Evropske unije, ki jo profesor Lapavicas deli na »jedrne« in […]

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The Greek Lab

On Sunday, June 17, Antonis Samaras walked into the press centre as the winner of the repeated Greek parliamentary election. It was late at night, and the leader of the conservative New Democracy party was flanked by a gaggle of sweaty and decidedly rotund admirers. To a clued-in observer, the very girth of these men […]

Arab Illusions

A year and a half after the Tunisian greengrocer Mohamed Bouazizi set set himself aflame and thereby triggered the Arab spring, the democratic change in the Middle East and in Northern Africa has ground to a dramatic halt.   Two weeks ago, the Egyptian judicial system sentenced Hosni Mubarak and his former Interior Minister Habib […]

Greece: The End of Europe

On Wednesday, April 4, nine in the morning saw a 77-year-old man yelling in the middle of the teeming Syntagma square – the emotional centre of the Greek protests against the dictat(orship) imposed by the international monetary institutions. The old man was screaming at the hated parliament building, and his cries amounted to a seething […]