A heart larger than life

I must confess that, more often than not, I did not like what Hugo Chavez was doing, especially in the last years of his reign. I don’t mean the ridiculous accusations about his “totalitarian” dictatorship (to people who claimed this, I would advise a year or two in a real Stalinist dictatorship!). But yes, he […]

When only a heresy can keep us alive

How did Barack Obama win reelection? Jean-Claude Milner recently proposed the notion of “stabilizing class”: not the old ruling class, but the broad class of all those who are fully committed to the stability and continuity of the existing social, economic and political order, the class of those who, even when they call for a […]


The documentary The Act of Killing (Final Cut Film Production, Copenhagen) premiered in 2012 at the Telluride film festival and was also shown at Toronto International Film Festival. The Act of Killing, directed by Joshua Oppenheimer, provides a unique and deeply disturbing insight into the ethical deadlock of global capitalism. The film – shot in […]

Signs From The Future

So where do we stand now, in 2012? 2011 was the year of dreaming dangerously, of the revival of radical emancipatory politics all around the world. Now, a year later, every day brings new proofs of how fragile and inconsistent the awakening was, with all of its many facets displaying the same signs of exhaustion: […]

All we are saying is give Greece a chance

De te fabula narratur   Imagine a scene from a dystopian movie which depicts our society in its near future decay: uniformed guards patrol half-empty downtown streets during the night, looking for immigrants, criminals, and other suspicious types in order to brutally collect and evict them… what seems like a cheap Hollywood image is a […]

Introduction: Eppur si muove

There are two opposed types of stupidity. The first is the (occasionally) hyper-intelligent subject who just doesn’t “get it,” who understands a situation logically, but simply misses its hidden contextual rules. For example, when I first visited New York, a waiter at a café asked me: “How was your day?” Mistaking the phrase for a […]